Brunch @ La Societe


I love brunch! What I love even more is when a restaurant takes reservation for brunch! My friend and I visited La Société located on Bloor St West last Saturday. I must have walked along Bloor Street numerous of times in the past, but I never actually noticed La Société. I’ve noticed the ground level patio before, but never really thought anything more of it. Needless to say, I was quite shocked when we got to the restaurant and realization finally hit me. My exact thoughts were: “I never knew this was a brunch spot”. What surprised me even more was that the restaurant extended to the second floor.


Once you get to the second floor, you have the option to dine indoors or sit out on their patio. Of course, my friend and I chose the latter option. It was a gorgeous day with the perfect weather for sitting out on the patio.

20160604_115741_mh1465402205594Mimosa – $15.00

20160604_121847_mh1465260711443Ricotta Pancakes – $15.00

Blueberries and maple syrup butter


BEST PANCAKES EVER! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of pancakes, but I cannot get enough of the ones from La Societe. Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this was! It was so fluffy and soft that it literally melted in my mouth! Not only that, its got a little crunch on the side of the pancakes, so when you take a bite, you get a little bit of that crunchness and the rest just meltted. This is a must try dish! If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out! I would go back just for this pancake alone; of course, this wasn’t the only tasty dish!

20160604_121658_mh1465402098093Parisian Ham Benedict – $15.00

Dijon glazed ham, hollandaise, pommes Lyonnaise

Here at La Societe, eggs Benedict get their own section on the menu. I just thought it was an interesting fact to bring up. One thing I anticipate the most when I get eggs Benedict is to dig my knife into the middle of the poached egg and see the yolk running out from the egg. I remember going to brunch at a restaurant one time and when I cut through my poached egg, it was completely cooked. You can’t imagine how completely upset and disappointed I was.

20160604_122813_mh1465402040530Short Rib Hash – $20.00

Braised short rib, poached eggs, hollandaise and pommes Lyonnaise

This dish was amazing. Eggs poached perfectly, the potatoes drenched in the shortrib’s marinade and the braised shortrib itself- heaven! Flavoring of the short rib was perfect and the short rib itself was super soft and tender. I have a weird “fear” about braised short ribs. When they’re not prepared properly, it can be a real pain to chew. Just imagine chewing for the longest time, and it still doesn’t seperate properly in your mouth, making it super uncomfortable to swallow. That is what I’m afraid of. However, the braised short ribs from La Societe was so amazing that I barely had to chew! It was the most amazing feeling ever!

20160604_122856_mh1465402129099Crisp Bacon – $4.00

My Friend and I were craving for some crispy bacon that day.

Verdict: THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BRUNCH SPOT! Service was amazing, and food was amazing! I had such an amzing time here. What made it even better was the fact that we sat outside and had a view of Bloor Street. I felt so relaxed sitting there, even with the busyness of the cars and the shoppers passing by just below me. It also shocked me that there was not a huge line up of people outside the door to be seated. I feel like there should’ve been. Maybe because many people have the misconception that this place would be super expensive? I don’t know. Whatever the reason is, I am glad that my friend and I discovered this place and that we didn’t have to wait long to be seated!

Parking: paid street parking / green P

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Kub Khao – Thai Eatery


This tiny, authentic Thai restaurant was so hidden away that my friend and I almost missed it. But, it was well worth the search! Scarborough has a lot of different cuisines; whatever you can think of, Scarborough probably got. However, there isn’t many Thai restaurants that I know of in Scarborough. That’s why, when I found out about Kub Khao, especially since it was so close to home,  I couldn’t contain my excitement as my friend and I checked it out.


Thankfully, my friend and I made it there before the rush. A tip for finding the restaurant: look for the run-down gas station (sorry for not remembering the name of it) and Kub Khao is right by it. Also, you’ll see a huge Starbucks located at the nearby plaza, that’s the wrong plaza!


Thai Ice Tea – $3.95

I love Thai Ice Tea for its rich, creamy flavoring, and this, did not disappoint.


Pineapple Chicken Curry – $7.95 (includes spring roll, soup or salad)

Part of the QUICK LUNCH MENU: offer from 11am-4pm

To be honest, I’m used to paying double the price for a dish like this one, at Thai restaurants downtown. I discovered that I no longer need to do that! I can come tow Kub Khao for a fraction of the price and taste just as amazing!


Spring roll and mango salad came with my Pineapple Chicken Curry (Part of the QUICK LUNCH MENU: offer from 11am-4pm)


Fried Chicken with Sticky Rice – $7.95

Part of the Street Lunch section of the menu. Offer from 11am to 4pm.

Fried chicken was nice and crispy on the outside; flavorful, juicy and tender on the inside. The flavoring was so on point that we didn’t even have to use the special sauce that was provided with the dish. You know that feeling when you bite into your protein and feel the need to put more salt or pepper or other sauces? Well, not at Kub Khao! Although, dipping the chicken into the sauce tastes really good as well.

Verdict: I don’t think i will ever pay double the price for Thai food ever again! (unless I had no other choice) This little Thai eatery can satisfy my Thai food cravings any day! Also, I feel like they should hire another person to help out with the restaurant since it does get pretty busy for one or two people to handle.

Parking: Usually, when you eat in Scarborough, you never have to worry about paying for parking. However, the parking lot in front of the restaurnt has a parking meter, though, I’m not sure if it even works or not. Just don’t park at the same plaza as Kub Khao. Park where the Starbucks is. Walking to the restaurant takes literally 1 minute.