Big Beef Bowl – Hand Pulled Noodles


Oh how I missed blogging! I’ve been neglecting my blog for the longest time! 😦 I had all these places that I wanted to blog about but never got around to it because I had to study hard! I love to blog…I love staring the gazillion shots that I took of the exact same thing and choosing which one I would eventually use. But enough about how much i miss blogging and lets get started on Big Beef Bowl!


Big Beef Bowl is a small, homey restaurant located near Yonge and Finch. They specialize on traditional hand pulled noodles. If you have any doubts about whether or not you’ll actually be eating fresh pulled noodles…worry not! You can look straight into the kitchen and see the chef pulling at the noodles non-stop.


Wood ear fungus with cucumbers- $2.99

This is honestly probably one of the best things to eat on these hot summer days right now. This dish is served cold, and trust me- it will definitely leave you feeling refreshed.


Chicken Shitake Dumplings- $5.99

I had to order this after reading the name. For me, I’m used to seeing pork dumplings with chives or cabbage or shrimp. But I have never tried dumplings made of chicken and shitake!! I was super excited to try it and needless to say, it did not disappoint.


Braised Beef Brisket- $7.99 (s) | $8.99 (l)

One thing that is special about this restaurant is that not only do you get to have freshly pulled noodles, you also get to choose how thick you want your noodles to be! You get to choose from round noodles to thick flat noodles- both with various different sizes for you to choose from. I couldn’t help but go for the thickest noodles they got and it looked amazing!


Classic Beef- $7.99 (s) | $8.99 (l)

Another aspect of this restaurant that I love so much is that they have such simple menu where you only have to choose between 4 different flavors of noodles you’re craving for. Some places have pages and pages of menu to choose from and sometimes, by the end of it, i still don’t know what i want. Not saying that i don’t appreciate the variety of foods I get to choose from, but sometimes, simplicity is best.


Spicy corn with cheese- $2.99

Last but not least, I had the spicy corn with cheese. I only have one word for it…AMAZING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Overall, I enjoyed everything about this place! I especially love their corn! It’s fast, tasty and inexpensive. (My fav kind of meal!) It’s a really small place, and probably easily missed. But it truly is a hidden gem! If you live close by, or happen to be in the area, it’s definitely worth the visit!

Parking: paid street parking


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