CNE 2016

Every year I look forward to going CNE (@LetsGoToTheEX) with my friends and family. Whenever CNE comes around, I get a bittersweet feeling because it means that summer is coming to an end. This year, CNE runs from August 19 to September 5, so for those of you that have not been yet, make sure you don’t miss it! CNE is more than just trying out crazy and outrageous foods. It’s also perfect for spending fun times with your friends and families(the shopping, games and performances). It can also be the perfect date activity (guys: just make sure you don’t eat the bug dog in front of your date, she most likely will not want to kiss you after that). What girl wouldn’t be swept off their feet when you show off your carni skills and winning that giant stuffed animal for her? I know I would be thrilled! Then, finish the date off by spending some romantic time in the farris wheel.

Admission Price:

For more info on the ticket price, make sure to visit their website. 

Monday-Thursday: $6 dollars after 5pm.

If you have the special VIP pass, admission and parking is free. (Can only be obtained by going to the CNE casino for at least 3 hours before CNE opens to public.)

Howie’s Fresh Hot Frosted Cinnamon Rolls 

  • Pulled pork cinnamon rolls – $9.50

Epic Burgers & Waffles 

  • Churro burger – $11.95

Yummy!!! I loved how crunchy the churros were! Loved the sweet and savoury combination of this burger. That cinnamon dust from the churro buns gave the burger that extra factor to pop the flavor! Not only that, the beef patty was nice and juicy! It tasted as good as it looks!!

    Philthy Philly’s 

    • Philly steaklair- $11.50

    Bug Bistro

    • Bug dog- $6.00

    Caution: the crickets are real!!!!

      The birthday guessing game. I couldn’t help it but play. I didn’t get a chance to go to the CNE Casino yet so I had to test my luck here! One thing about these betting games is that the minimum to play doesn’t cost alot; but stopping yourself from continuous playing is the hardest part. 

      The bowling game cost 25 cent per play. Objective of the game is to roll the bowling ball so that it doesn’t get past the little dip in the middle when it comes back towards you. It looks easy, but it is really not. If you roll too hard, the ball will get past the dip when it comes back. If you don’t roll it hard enough, it doesnt get past the tiny hill. I am horrible at this game (or any cne games) but try them out anyways! It is old school and it is fun!

      Create your own slushie!!

      I just love CNE’s amazing night view.


      Cool N2

      Cool N2 (@cooln2canada) is a newly opened store located at 28 south unionville avenue unit 1036, Markham, that specializes in making liquid nitrogen ice cream!!! When I found out about this place, I knew I had to go there ASAP because lets face it, this place is probably going to start getting super packed and probably will start getting really long line-ups. Their a little cheesy but it does live up to its name! This place is super cool and I would definately go back there again! Not only were their ice cream amazing….the staff made our visit there super interactive and fun! 

      They mixed everything in the kitchen-aid mixer and they added the liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream. I’ve never seen anything like this, needless to say, I watched this whole process with great astonishment. This kind of reminded me of highschool science class. But seriously…if science class was this fun, I probably woud have aced it!

      Whiskey Chocolate– $5.99(s) $7.99(l)

      The original whiskey chocolate is supposed to have: chocolate ice cream and whiskey topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate roll cookie. However, I liked the toppings from their chocolate brownie ice cream, so I asked the staff if I could substitute the toppings. They were kind enough to let me change it up! 😊 This is what I called great customer service.

      This whiskey chocolate was the highlight of the night for me. I’m not saying that just because it contains whiskey!! It’s amazing because its got the perfect balance of chocolate sweetness and a little bit of an extra kick of flavor from the whiskey. Not one flavor was overpowering the other. 

      Matcha Partner– $5.99(s) $7.99(l)

      Matcha ice cream topped with red bean & taro and condensed milk. 

      This was really good as well, but I wouldn’t recommend you to eat this and the whiskey chocolate at the same time because the matcha flavor will be totally drowned by the other flavor (which was what I did). 

      Frozen breath

      Cheetos mixed in with liquid nitrogen. 

      This was so much fun to eat!! My sister and I looked like 2 fire breathing dragons with smoke coming out from our mouths and noses! Be super careful not to touch the cup though, it was really cold. 

      Poplce– $7.99

      Milk mango or chocolate banana and milk pudding. 

      Milk Oreo– $5.99(s) $7.99(l)

      Milk ice cream and Oreo 

      The one to the left is: Fresh Lemon-$5.99(s) $7.99(l)

      Milk ice cream and lemon and honey

      Verdict: Not only was it a super yummy treat, perfect for any hot weather; it was really fun as well. The staff there were really nice, helpful and interactive. They even demonstrated how to eat the cheetos so that we can breath out smoke from our noses. They also didn’t cheap out on pouring liquid nitrogen onto our icecream. They did it multiple times so if you missed it the first time, or if it wasn’t long enough, they will pour it for you again! I enjoyed my visit so much that I will definitely go back there with more of my friends!

      Parking: Free parking. Lots of parking around that plaza. While you are there, you can also check out the other restaurants as well as picking up some groceries at T&T! 

      Colette Grand Cafe – Disappointing Experience

      Last weekend my sister and I thought we’d check out Colette Grand Cafe since we were in the area and we’ve always wanted to give their brunch menu a go. As we were getting seated, I couldn’t help but feel even more excited by my surroundings. The interior was decorated beautifully. 

      Everything was fine at the beginning. Our waiter greeted us and took our orders. I couldn’t decide on what to order, so he recommended a couple of dishes to me. My sister decided to get the eggs benny and I decided to be more adventurous and got the croissant tart. I didn’t really know what it was, but it sounded good when our waiter described it to us. 

      When our food came, I was disappointed. I sort of expected it to be amazing but it was just alright. The eggs benedict tasted a little bland; nothing about that dish screamed “I want more” or even worth mentioning again. 

      Up til this day, I still cannot describe how I feel about the croissant tart. It literally was just a croissant crust filled with jam and blue cheese topped with a poached egg. It wasn’t really what I was expecting. Perhaps it’s just me, but I didn’t love the whole combination of the sourness from the jam and the saltiness from the blue cheese. The only thing that stood out was the croissant. It was warm and flakey. That by itself woud’ve been amazing. 

      The thing that spoiled the whole experience for my sister and I happened at the end of our meal. After our server brought us our bill, we asked our server to pay with 2 credit cards. Right after we told him that we were paying with 2 cards, his whole attitude changed completely. His smile was gone and was replaced with a look of anger. He unwillingly took our cards and the whole exchange became super awkward. We didn’t think paying with 2 different cards would be that big of a deal. We thought it would be easier for him so he wouldn’t have to go back and re-do our bill to have it seperated. My sister even calculated how much each of us would have to pay (we just split the bill in half), and all the waiter had to do was to input the numbers. Everything would have added up to be the same, his tips would have been the same regardless if we paid with one card or 2. 

      His reaction and how he handled this was totally unprofessional. Never would I have imagined to receive this level of unprofessional service at such a fancy “Parisian” cafe. Other than the fancy decors, I have nothing more to say about Colette. Needless to say, I was completely disappointed with this place and will not be going back there anytime soon; especially not for their overpriced, mediocre brunch. 

      Eggs Benedict – $16.00

      Jambon de Paris, baby spinach, butter croissant

      Croissant Tart – $16.00

      Blue cheese, poached egg, sour cherry mostarda

      Parking: there’s a parking lot right across from the restaurant for $15.00 and can be parked until 6pm. I would suggest finding another street to park on to avoid the hefty fee.

      Sweetery Festival 2016

      This year’s Sweetery Toronto Food Festival is their second year running and it’s bigger and better than before! Located at the David Pecaut Square, this sweet event is happening from today August 20th- August 21st, 2016- DON’T MISS OUT IF YOU LOVE SWEETS LIKE ME! πŸ™‚ They’ve got game booths, food trucks, best of all endless dessert vendors to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!

      Gumballnado – $2.00

      “It’s time for ratle battle! Chews your opponent, be the first to shake all the gumballs from one side of the bottle to the other, and win a prize.”

      Donut Miss That Toss! – $2.00

      “Complete the donut! Toss 3 of 5 donut bits into the hole to win a prize.”

      George Brown Chefs!

      Each post-graduate pastry student from George Brown College will be creating their own french masterpiece to share with everyone and this will also be a part of their final evaluation. Pressure is on!

      The proceeds of what they made from today and tomorrow will also go towards their next semester in FRANCE! Support support support!

      Cookie shots from Golden Crumb Biscuit

      I’ve seen this everywhere on instagram before but never got to try it. Finally I had to chance to try it out today. What an interesting way of eating chocolate chip cookies! Have a small cup of milk and just pour it into the cookie cup!

      Matcha Tea & Desserts @matchateadessert

      Matcha soft serve and Hokkaido chiffon cupcake. The cupcake was amazing! Dig your spoon into the chiffon cupcake and matcha cream will fill your senses.

      Hong Kong Milk Tea Crepe Cake from Daan Go by Chris Siu @bakersiu

      POKEBALL BAO by @vronnie17

      Cutest Macarons EVER!!!! by Chris Siu @bakersiu

      Piggy: Maple Lap Chong (a play on Maple and Bacon flavor)

      Cow: Rare Tofu Cheesecake flavor

      Duck: Duck Egg Custard flavor

      Iced Coffee Floats from Cool Beans

      Crazy over the top iced coffee floats!! Perfect and refreshing with this hot summer weather!

      Freshly made marshmellow from I Love Puffy Love

      Sassy Sangria (pink) and Merry Mojito (green): created just for the Sweetery Festival! So fresh, soft and flavorful. I don’t think I’ve ever tried marshmellow this amazing before!

      Kinako Kakigori (japanese shaved ice) from Oh My Gori!

      Butter Tarts from Beverley’s Bakers

      Surprisingly, this was not super sweet like I had imagined it to be.

      Gelato Cookie from Carla’s Cookie Box

      These cookies just look so darn adorable!

      Cute handmade jewelry by SMITTEN 

      They seriously look good enough to eat.

      EX-TREME Chimney Cone by Eva’s Original Chimneys @ogchimneys

      Unfortunately this specific flavor is still not available at the Sweetery Festival. This cone is only available from Ausust 26-28 at the Food Truck Frenzy at the CNE, by he Princess Gates.

      Parking: street parking $4 dollars/hr

      Instant Homemade Lavender Icecream In A Bag

      I love icecream. I can resist a lot of things, but icecream is definitely not one of them! So when I found out that it’s possible to make instant icecream (i dont mean going to the store), I jumped at the chance to test it out! I had such a fun time trying it out with my sister. If you have kids, this will be such a fun thing to test out with them. Not only will they have tons of fun making it, you can eat it afterwards with them as reward for all of the hard work. (By hard work…i mean all of the shaking that you will be doing. Talk about an awesome arm workout. πŸ˜„)

      Here are the things that you will need: 

      • 2 ziplock bags
      • 473ml (one small carton) of half and half cream
      • Fresh lavender or edible lavender oil if you dont have fresh ones
      • 1 tablespoon of Activated Charcoal (optional, can also use food coloring)
      • 1/2 cup of Salt
      • 2 tablespoon of Sugar 
      • 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla extract 
      • Ice cubes

      Pour cream in 1st ziplock bag. Mix in sugar, vanilla and lavender extract, activated charcoal. (You can also use food coloring if you don’t have activated charcoal.)

      In the second ziplock bag, pour in your ice cubes and add salt. The salt and ice will create some kind of chemical reaction so that your cream will freeze as you shake the bag. 

      Put the first bag in the second bag. Make sure both are sealed tight. 

      SHAKE AWAY!!!! Shake until your cream turns into icecream!!! 

      If you are using fresh lavender, make sure you extract the scent by putting it in hot water first. 

      Tip: make sure you are using oven mits or gloves or some kind of cloth to protect your hand. It can get quite cold as you shake away. 

      Heres the fun part, you can eat it however you want! You can top it off with anything! I had mine in a cookie sandwich, and pop-tart sandwich. 

      I also had one in a waffle cone, and put nutella inside the cone. 

      Let me know in the comments below how you like your icecream! 

      Night It Up 2016

      Night it up is a three day outdoor food event from July 15 to July 17, 2016 (dates change every year) featuring street style food and games that one would find at an authentic night market in Asia. I love going to Night It Up! It’s something that I look forward to going every year around July. It brings back memories of how I used to go with my family while I was still a child in Taiwan.

      Every year, I would always go on the first night and that’s when alot of people go as well. But here’s the thing…it is super packed on the first night. It’s fine for those people who enjoy the crowds and excitements. So I’ve finally learned my lesson after years of goin on the first night: going on the afternoon of the second day (I cant believe it just hit me that i could do that). Not only can I walk around at my normal pace, I also didn’t have to wait 30 minute for every food vendor that I want to try out. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ So here’s a tip: go on the second or third day!

      Thai iced tea drink in a bag

      This was such a super cute idea: serving thai iced tea in a bag. For some reason….it just seems more authentic when it’s served in a bag. We don’t see it often here in Toronto…but actually, it is quite common in alot of Asian countries. 

      Japanese raindrop cakes from @aaagrills

      I’m so glad this raindrop cake is finally available here! It was super hyped up on instagram a while back..and i’ve always wondered how it would taste like. It taste like a jello!! 

      Taiwanese oysters pancake

      Classic taiwanese street food. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ if you ever visit taiwan…you will see this everywhere. 

      Taiwanese fried chicken from Kanpai snack bar 

      Rice burger with fried chicken

      Ramen burger with fried chicken

      I love how innovative n creative this was! Looks super appealing and guess what? It tasted just as good! Chicken was crispy, tender and juicy. 

      Kakigori @gustahaus

      This sakura kakigori  was so amazing! It was as if I have been transported to Japan! It was light and refreshing..perfect for a hot summer day. 

      Paper net fishing

      You have not experienced a real night market if you haven’t tried to catch a fish with a paper net!!! It takes some serious skills but I’ve seen people catching 4-5 fish without breaking the net!!! (Too bad i’ve never had any success) Best part about it is that you get to take home whatever you catch! 

      Admission: free!! 

      Parking: lots of free parking on the streets. 

      Homemade (Spiked) Gummybear PopsiclesΒ 

      I love trying out new things and testinh out new recipes or just create my own dishes at home! But here’s the thing…i hate following recipes. I really don’t have the patience to measure this and measure that. I mean….if i really have to..i will. But alot of the times, i like putting my own spin on things! Everyone has different tastes…so what works for me might not work for other people. I think recipes are sort of there for a general guideline…and you just tweek it to your own liking. (Unless…they’re recipes for complicated pastries/desserts.) 

      I recently discovered and took interest in homemade popsicles. They are healthy (it can be…depending on what you put in it) and you can add whatever you want in it. 

      These are the ingredients that you will need to make the gummybear popsicles:

      • Popcicle mold
      • Gummybear 
      • Sprite/7up/soda water (i used sprite for the transparent color)
      • Vodka (optional)

      Place your gummybears into the mold. You can arrange it however you like. For me, I arranged it by the colors. 

      Pour your choice of spite/soda water and fill it to the top. If you want to spike your popsicles, leave some space for it when you pour the sprite. 

      Put it in the freezer and give it a few hours to freeze up. 

      AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!! Perfect summer treat for everyone! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ 

      Let me know how you like it! I’d love to see your creations!