Night It Up 2016

Night it up is a three day outdoor food event from July 15 to July 17, 2016 (dates change every year) featuring street style food and games that one would find at an authentic night market in Asia. I love going to Night It Up! It’s something that I look forward to going every year around July. It brings back memories of how I used to go with my family while I was still a child in Taiwan.

Every year, I would always go on the first night and that’s when alot of people go as well. But here’s the thing…it is super packed on the first night. It’s fine for those people who enjoy the crowds and excitements. So I’ve finally learned my lesson after years of goin on the first night: going on the afternoon of the second day (I cant believe it just hit me that i could do that). Not only can I walk around at my normal pace, I also didn’t have to wait 30 minute for every food vendor that I want to try out. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ So here’s a tip: go on the second or third day!

Thai iced tea drink in a bag

This was such a super cute idea: serving thai iced tea in a bag. For some reason….it just seems more authentic when it’s served in a bag. We don’t see it often here in Toronto…but actually, it is quite common in alot of Asian countries. 

Japanese raindrop cakes from @aaagrills

I’m so glad this raindrop cake is finally available here! It was super hyped up on instagram a while back..and i’ve always wondered how it would taste like. It taste like a jello!! 

Taiwanese oysters pancake

Classic taiwanese street food. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ if you ever visit taiwan…you will see this everywhere. 

Taiwanese fried chicken from Kanpai snack bar 

Rice burger with fried chicken

Ramen burger with fried chicken

I love how innovative n creative this was! Looks super appealing and guess what? It tasted just as good! Chicken was crispy, tender and juicy. 

Kakigori @gustahaus

This sakura kakigori  was so amazing! It was as if I have been transported to Japan! It was light and refreshing..perfect for a hot summer day. 

Paper net fishing

You have not experienced a real night market if you haven’t tried to catch a fish with a paper net!!! It takes some serious skills but I’ve seen people catching 4-5 fish without breaking the net!!! (Too bad i’ve never had any success) Best part about it is that you get to take home whatever you catch! 

Admission: free!! 

Parking: lots of free parking on the streets. 


Tasting Event at TΓ©


Last week, I had the pleasure of accompanying Grace fromΒ Food In the City TorontoΒ to a tasting event hosted byΒ TΓ©, a Taiwanese and Korean fusion tapas restaurant located at 70 Ossington Ave. Needless to say, I was exploding with excitement on the inside- I got to have two of my favorite cuisines together, at the same time!


Marbled Te Egg Shooter – Single $1.00 / Round of Four $3.00

Taiwanese spiced tea egg

If you are Taiwanese like myself, you will instantly be reminded of all the snack runs to 7/11 convenience store. If this is the first time you are trying the tea egg, then you’re definitely at one of the best, if not the best place to have it. This amazing shooter will not leave you disappointed. This is how a traditional Taiwanese tea egg is supposed to taste like and trust me, one will not be enough!


Unadulterated Ssam – Meat $14.00 / Tofu $11.00

Red lettuce leaf wraps, each layered with thin slice of sweet-pickled winter radish, fresh garlic, sweet red chili paste and a choice of one protein. (Bulgogi, Grilled pork belly, Sweet and spicy pork belly, Pan-ried tofu)


Crispy Ramen Jalapeno PoppersΒ – $5.00

Bite sized jalapeno and creme cheese in a spicy ramen noodle crust


Braised Pork Crostini – $11

Chopped Taiwanese slow-cooked pork belly on toasted French baguette slices


Dark-Spiced Taiwanese Fried Chicken – Two for $9.00 / Four for $16

Marinated in traditional Taiwanese spices, battered & fried, finished with pepper-salt seasoning

The chicken was juicy, tender and spot-on on the traditional Taiwanese taste.


Toasted Kimchi Ravioli – $10.00

Panko crusted jumbo ravioli squares filled with a kimchi- spiked ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan blend, finished with drizzle of honeyed wasabi pesto sauce

The key here, is that everything about this dish starting from the ravioli to the honeyed wasabi pesto sauce was created in-house from scratch.


Kimchi Deviled Eggs – $6.00

Hard-boiled eggs re-dressed with kimchi paste, sesame and yolk mash, topped with bacon


Salsa Trio – $9.00

Fresh kimchi-spiked tomato salsa + guacamoleΒ + corn salsa, served with tortilla chips

My favorite was the kimchi-spiked tomato salsa. I just love the Korean twist! The subtle taste of house-made kimchi brought this salsa to a whole new level!


Bachan Set – $10.00

Sampling of the three traditional Korean side dishes: par boiled spinach tossed in garlic and sesame oil, sweet soy-braised shredded beef brisket, mini omelet rolls


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